Talks & Workshops

Justin brings a fresh approach to helping your organization, conference attendees, students, or business executives find purpose. Drawing upon his own experiences as an entrepreneur and advocate, he mixes storytelling, audience participation, and mixed media to bring his audience on a new journey. His talks fit into any size of event, from corporate brown bag lunch sessions to 45,000 seat arenas. His workshops, (off-sites, retreats, ect) are designed to go deeper into into the concepts of his book and play out over multiple sessions. 


Find Your Riot (talk)


Taken from themes in Justin's book, this talk offers the solutions to the question we all ask: what was I meant to do. Justin debunks common cultural myths about meaning and offers pragmatic steps towards a life of meaning. This inspiring talk works for groups of any size and setting: from universities to retreats to corporate events.


Take aways

  • Backstories empower new stories

  • Happiness is fixing your problems, Purpose is fixing other's problems
  • Identifying your 'rock dream' and 'soul dream'
  • Build an extraordinary story for your life


Building Value with Values

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Building Value with Values (Talk)


It seems like everyone is promoting their business or organization as 'purpose driven', but what exactly does this mean? New audiences and customers are less interested slogans and more interested in results. Building with purpose means that you become a practitioner of your values in a way that distinctly fits your product, talents, location, and size. What problems can you fix in the world that no one else can. Those who fix the problems that exist outside of our balance sheets, who leverage their values,  see an increase in value.


take aways

  • Purpose takes practice

  • Beware the perils of virtue signals

  • There are problems only your company can solve

  • if you want to fast go alone. if you want to go fast go together



The Future Of People


The future of people (Talk)


By 2030 we will add another 1.2 Billion people to a planet that already houses 7.5 billion. We will require 50% more food, 45% more clean water, and 30% more power just to take care of our basic needs. All of which are currently in decline. The greatest inventions  (printing press, light bulb, automobile) were designed to serve humanity's most pressing needs, despite the fact that humanity didn't know it wanted them.  Designing the greatest inventions, companies, organizations, and ideas will require an understanding of the humanity's greatest needs, both physical and existential. We need to understand our poverty of meaning as well as our poverty means. The future of people talk will inspire debate and ideas for audiences interested in where we are going next. 


take aways

  • Understanding poverty of means & poverty of meaning

  • Purpose is required for profits

  • Building parity with your company's or org's internal voice (values) and external voice (actions)